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An author, public speaker, investor, consultant & teacher on a mission to tell compelling stories, guide organizational success & educate others to be more creative & innovative.

Meet Ray

Dr. Ray Smilor is a lucky guy. He married the girl of his dreams, who has been his entrepreneurial partner in life for 51 years, has raised (and been raised by) his two fine sons, and dazzles his two beautiful granddaughters with his amazing magic tricks.


He is a story-teller (conveying insights through Life Stories). He is a guide (encouraging personal and organizational change though his Consulting and Presentations).  He is an educator (focusing on excellence in the classroom through Teacher Development Programs).


Along the way, Ray has published 15 books and numerous articles dealing with creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, many of which have been translated into other languages.


He has helped to build three international organizations, taught at four major universities, and received numerous awards for his work in promoting entrepreneurship world-wide.


Ray speaks to business, professional, scholarly and general audiences.  He has delivered training programs for executives, entrepreneurs and faculty around the world, and served as program manager for international programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development.


Ray is an optimist (annually predicting that his beloved Cleveland Browns will win the Super Bowl). He is an avid fly-fisherman (taking joy in guiding friends and family to catch and release trout in Colorado). He pursues opportunity (building a business and academic career in entrepreneurship). He is an award-winning teacher (inspiring creativity and innovation in others). And he has an unfailing sense of humor (undaunted in performing as The Great Texini).


How lucky can a guy get! Very...


"Ray's positive attitude, professionalism, and depth of knowledge makes him great to work with, and earns him the respect of program attendees."       — Eric Hansen

"What is striking about Ray's writing is not just the richness... it is the underlying values and goodness he projects... And when you are reading you can almost hear Ray telling the story."       — Michael H. Morris, PhD

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