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Magic and Creativity

Watch Ray discuss magic and creativity with a special appearance by The GreatTexini.

There is something magical about the creative process. Bursts of imagination can seem to appear as if out of thin air. Solutions to complex problems can seem to jump out like pulling rabbits from a hat. Is this process the domain of only a few David Copperfields?  Or are each and every one of us capable of apparently dazzling acts of magic? How can we, as leaders and managers, become better magicians in solving problems and taking advantage of opportunities, and how can we think and act more creatively in both our personal and professional lives? This Zoom presentation to a special group of EMBA candidates highlights three key factors in the creative process:

  • Be willing to be wrong

  • Make unusual connections

  • Make your creative idea stick

In the midst of the pandemic, Ray's presentation focuses on some wonderful acts of creativity: a family creates new lyrics for One Day More, the song from Les Mis; social distancing is designed in an elevator; and squirrels get picnic tables.   And then, the Great Texini, the marvelous and mysterious magician from the great state of Texas, makes a featured appearance to tie it all together. Voila! What magic!

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