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Goodbye 2020

Goodbye to the Prez, to the chieftain of lies,

To his screeds, to his beefs all in endless supplies.

To oblivion soon

Let him fade in a swoon

To a life just of munching on Big Macs and fries.

Goodbye to a stage for all of the Giulis,

QAnon, Proud Boys, conspirators, stoolies.

The false plots they promote

Just can no longer float

Since voters have said that their Don is a foolie.

Goodbye to all those yes women and men,

Trump's handlers, enablers and sycophant kin.

With a bend held so long

That their spines are now gone

Will be hard for them ever to stand straight again.

Goodbye to a scourge, corona, the virus,

Thanks to science's touch working like Midas.

An end to pandemic

A shot that's authentic

A vaccine to be sure to safely inspire us.

Hello to new year, to twenty plus one.

Good riddance to twenty, be gone and be done.

With kindness for healing

And hope for proceeding,

Let's all toast the promise of a better year's run.

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