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Trump's Fight Song

The Committee to Re-elect President Trump excitedly announced today the new fight song for the President's re-election campaign.  The Committee thanked Lou Holtz for his inspiration from his coaching days and for his ability to see inside Trump's heart and recognize the President for who he truly is. The Donald Trump Fight Song Jeer, jeer with Old Donald Trump. Join the enablers kissing his rump. See the smile upon his face, Happy with lips so willingly placed. Fear, fear, his tactic to win. Chaos and loathing make Donald grin. Shame and blame we'll celebrate, Anything for our Old Reprobate. Hear, hear the lies he can spew. Ignore them all and to him stay true. Show how loyal you can be. So what if truth is the casualty. Smear, smear the experts and docs. Wearing a mask is really a crock. Science, smience, it's all fake. Just drink some Clorox for heaven's sake. Clear, clear how Don stays afloat. Slow the Post Office, don't let people vote. Blindly we will go along. Without any morals what can go wrong? What though his conduct be mean and small, Old Donald Trump will tramp over all. While his muted subjects march Backward to ignominy.

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